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Welcome to Customized Teleprompter Services

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Autocue = Teleprompter

CTS supplies autocue facilities to support a speaker during his/her presentation in a TV studio, on location for the TV-market, WebTV, corporate films, e-learning training, congresses and product presentations.  

Our on-camera autocue equipment is suitable for use on any type of camera from MiniDV to full size broadcast cameras.


CTS stand for Monica Ligtenberg
And she stands for knowledge and know-how.

After many years of experience in the hectic world of audiovisual communication, Monica Ligtenberg represents an added value to your product.  Out of  her natural curiosity for knowledge versus a natural feeling for “television language”, she professionally assists your editor in fine-tuning text for that specific audience, for that specific objective.


CTS autocue facilities is located in the “Studiohuyz”, a recently renovated professional, chromakey blue, television studio in Hilversum.


Burgemeester Gülcherlaan 36
1217 PC Hilversum
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)35 622 0980
Mob: +31 (0)6 386 18730